• Prenatal care of low and high risk pregnancies
  • Vaginal birth and vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC)
  • In-office ultrasound
  • Screening for birth defects
  • Twin Deliveries
  • Non-stress test



Prenatal Care


From your first appointment through delivery and postpartum care, Dr. Miller is there for you every step of the way.  Dr. Miller schedules first prenatal visits between the 7th and 9th weeks of pregnancy.  If you have questions about when you should first be seen, please call us at 570-524-4405.



Screening for Birth Defects and Fetal Chromosome Abnormalities  or  (Prenatal Testing Options)


There are a variety of ways that your baby can be screened prior to birth for birth defects and chromosomal abnormalities.  All screenings are optional but can greatly reduce anxiety about the pregnancy. 


A simple blood test screens for cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, sickle cell and thalassemia. 


Nuchal translucency is an ultrasound measurement of fluid normally present at the back of a baby’s neck.  The test also measures two proteins in the mother’s blood.  It is performed between 11 and 14 weeks gestation.  It detects 82-87% of babies with Down’s syndrome.


Alpha-fetoprotein is a blood test offered at 16-20 weeks gestation to determine the risk for chromosomal and structural abnormalities, like spina bifida.


Screening Ultrasound


A screening ultrasound is offered to our pregnant patients at 19-22 weeks to assess the baby’s growth and development.  It allows a detailed look at the baby’s anatomy and helps confirm the due date.


Non-Stress Test measures the baby’s heart rate in response to movements made by the baby.   An external monitor is placed around the mother’s abdomen to record the baby’s heart rate.